Register Guard issues editorial in support, Watson resigns from ODE board

Today, we find a wonderful editorial in the Register Guard. If that doesn’t make a statement, I don’t know what does.

A two-day strike by the news staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald leaves the impression that whatever form journalism may take in the future, the craft will be in good hands. The student journalists at the University of Oregon put a lot on the line to defend the independence of their newspaper. In doing so they defended the integrity of an important journalistic institution.

In light of the R-G editorial, however, Mark Watson, former ODE board chair and employee at the Knight Library, has resigned from the board of directors. He writes in an e-mail: “For our local newspaper to take up the cause of the editors (and get it wrong) is too much, and I need to respond.”  Realizing he can’t voice the “real truth (as I see it),” as a member of the board, he feels he needs to step down.

It’s sad to see him go, because Watson is truly a wonderful man, who I feel, has the best of intentions. I always thought that he had the best interest of the newspaper in mind. Considering the students are at the heart of that newspaper, it seems strange that he doesn’t understand where we are coming from or what we are fighting for. It also seems strange that he doesn’t see the merit after we recieve the support of so many people and papers.

I respect Mark Watson’s decision and perhaps it will be the best thing for him. I admire the hard work and dedication that he has given the ODE board over the years, and it is sad to see him go. He really put a lot into his volunteer position on the board as chair, and he has accomplished significant things in the last few year.

Ashley Chase, Editor in Chief


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