R-G report inaccurate, update necessary

The Oregonian reported this morning:

Student body president Sam Dotters-Katz told The Register-Guard that the eight-member board of directors had agreed to demands that the student paper’s publisher could not work for the university or have authority over the Emerald’s student editor.

This is not correct. The board has agreed to mediation sessions to discuss these issues and come to an agreement with Emerald editors. They have not agreed to the demands. The first mediation session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10.

We are confident that the support of papers across the nation – and the rest of our community and outside media world – will help us tremendously in our fight for independence and student control of newsrooms on all campuses.  We are confident that the Emerald is now in the best position it can be to move forward and make serious progress. Our newsroom is forever stronger already – and it’s not even over.

I feel the need to start signing posts, now that we are back to work and will be utilizing this blog in a slightly different way. Of course, newsroom staffers will continue to offer discussion about the happenings and aftermath of the strike and it’s ongoing negotiations with the board. But I hope that we will also be able to sustain this blog and the meaning behind it much further than this strike.

Ashley Chase, Editor in Chief


One Response to “R-G report inaccurate, update necessary”

  1. Sherman Says:

    Sending you support and karma from Berkeley.

    Stay strong.

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