Photo Update » 090304dmemeraldstrike009

Former Daily Emerald staffer Shelley Bowerman discusses the paper with some of the staff.


4 Responses to “090304dmemeraldstrike009”

  1. Marshall N Brown Says:

    As a former j-student, it’s good to see fire in the belly. I wonder, however, where collegiate outrage has been since either the Iraq war started or Bush et cie began stripping the Bill of Rights. The apathy of the current youth in this country boggles my mind: I won’t get drafted so I won’t care.

  2. independentjournalist Says:

    shelly = hot damn. them’s fightin words. –matt

  3. Shelley Says:

    Oooo… my name’s got two e’s in it. Common journalists, who’s fact checking this shit?

  4. independentjournalist Says:


    Correction: Shelley Bowerman, a former Oregon Daily Emerald staffer, actually spells her name with two e’s, not one as was blogged on March 6. The IndependentJournalism (?) regrets the error.

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