Harmony, connectedness, friendship on horizon

We would like to express our utter gratitude to the  33 student newspapers who stood up with us and echoed our message across the continent, a chorus for which we are so grateful. As we return to work, we offer them our heartfelt thanks.

We now hope that our further, mediated discussions will remedy the ills we went on strike to correct and forge not just greater harmony among the entire staff of the paper, but a more connected campus community.

It has already warmed relations between us and our staunchest critics, the staff of the Oregon Commentator. Their excellent piece in support of us brought tears to our eyes. Their solidarity in refusing to produce content during our strike demonstrated the bite behind their bark — even though the fact that Commentator Editor-in-Chief CJ Ciaramella stayed up until at least 6 a.m. the night before may have been just as much responsibility as solidarity and professional brotherhood.

Knowing that we’re not alone in this, that student journalists  all over  the country are standing up firmly behind the message we’ve been trying to send is incredibly moving.

It is with all of your voices that ours was finally heard.

Expect continued updates on the progress of the negotiations at this address. For now, after two sleepless days, we can return to our beds.


7 Responses to “Harmony, connectedness, friendship on horizon”

  1. Oregon Daily Emerald Goes Back To Work « studentactivism.net Says:

    […] the Emerald staff noted on their blog, thirty-three student newspapers across the nation have published a joint editorial in solidarity […]

  2. Uzi Reptoid Says:

    I support your fight for independence, but a newspaper should seek no friends. THE TRUTH HAS NO FRIENDS.

  3. Old Dog, New Media Says:

    […] What Now? The student journalists did their part. We must do ours. […]

  4. Emerald Strike Watch: “Harmony . . . on Horizon” « College Media Matters Says:

    […] “Harmony, connectedness, [and] friendship” are being sought between the Emerald student staff and the paper’s board of directors, […]

  5. oldschoolnewmedia Says:

    Hey everyone!
    You’re probably all catching up on your sleep, but College Media reported the Dean is “mulling” a new fall class on the student press. What a great idea! Is that true? I couldn’t find other references to it. I’d love to read more about that if anybody has a spare moment to update on that.
    Take care,

  6. Kai Says:

    Glad to see that this was resolved quickly and I’m happy I could contribute my voice to the discussion. 🙂

  7. independentjournalist Says:

    Pam: I think that was a joke, unfortunately.

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