Emerald news staff to return to the newsroom; to produce first paper since strike on Monday, March 9

[EDIT] What we mean by the word “produce” in this post’s title is that we plan to produce an actual paper with real, student journalist created work for Monday. Clarification is needed because technically, we did publish a paper tonight set to be on stands tomorrow. Because the decision to come back to the newsroom happened in the evening and we were extremely crunched on time, we were not able to make a paper that meets ours (and readers) expectations. We ran over 200 inches of wire content. But, we did issue an editorial, publish statements from the board and the newsroom, and a series of letters from student workers in the advertising department at the Emerald. (Would link to the letters, but it is now 4:18 a.m. and I have not been able to upload them to dailyemerald.com. Will do as soon as I wake up.) You can view the PDF of today’s paper here (actually, college publisher is being cranky right now and not letting me try to upload such a large pdf. i’ll have to post the link to the paper here soon.)

Speaking of sleep, I personally have only had a three or so hours for three days. That said, I will be sleeping in. Media: I will love to talk to you tomorrow afternoon for a response. The story hopefully won’t change between now and then. – Ashley Chase, Emerald EIC

After a series of discussions taking place today between the newsroom staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald and the Board of Directors, the impasse between the two parties has been broken as of this evening. Both the striking news staff and the board have agreed to enter into professionally mediated negotiations beginning early next week. Our negotiations will be conducted in good faith with the intention of reaching a resolution on the remaining staff recommendations to the board.

The news staff’s negotiation team and the Board of Directors will both issue statements in the Oregon Daily Emerald tomorrow morning, and we have published both of the signed statements in this blog post, below, for our readers to review.

Statement from the Board of Directors

The Oregon Daily Emerald Board of Directors remains committed to working alongside the newsroom to ensure the editorial independence of the newspaper. This includes standing behind the Emerald’s long-held principles of journalistic independence and student control of the newsroom.

The ODE board and the newsroom’s editors met Thursday night to discuss our issues and have agreed to participate in a mediation process next week. The board and the editorial staff are in unison and stand behind the fundamental values of the ODE.


The Oregon Daily Emerald Board of Directors

Jeanne Long
Rob Moseley
Laura Paz Smith
Melody Ward Leslie
Mark Watson
Mark Blaine
K. Miller
Kevin Boots

Statement from the News Staff Negotiation Team

The Oregon Daily Emerald newsroom staff made a principled stand for editorial independence and student control of this newspaper. Our commitment to these principles will not waiver as we move forward in trying to resolve our grievances with the Board of Directors.

On Thursday night the newsroom leadership met with the Board of Directors and agreed to participate in a mediation process early next week. We accept the good faith effort of the board in negotiating terms of a publisher’s contract moving forward, and believe it is in the best interest of our newspaper and our community to resume publishing our paper on Monday March 9, 2009.


The News Staff Negotiation Team

Ashley Chase, Editor-in-Chief
Allie Grasgreen, Managing Editor
Robert D’Andrea, News Editor
Andrew Greif, Sports Editor
Rebecca Woolington, News Editor

We again would like to thank our readers and our community for their continued support during these difficult times. We greatly appreciate everything that everyone has done to reach out in support of the strike effort, and will remain dedicated to the issues raised this week that are so profoundly important to our readers and our community.


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