Update: Inside Higher Ed

While this story is being covered at a number of places online, we wanted to highlight one of the blogs that did a particularly through job of diving into the issues around the strike, over here at Inside Higher Ed.

Some choice quotes:

The paper fiercely guards its independence, and Smith’s stated intention of securing a position as an adjunct professor at the university while also serving as the publisher was a source of concern. […]

The financial stability of the Emerald is a source of great concern for the newsroom staff, board members and the university’s school of journalism. Rob Moseley, a board member, said Wednesday that the publisher position was designed to help save the newspaper. While the newsroom’s concerns were taken into consideration, the board felt some major changes were necessary to save the paper, he said.

Also, it’s somewhat interesting to read some of the comments from journalism professors specializing in new media, and what they’ve had to say about the strike effort. We hope to see more academic discussion and analysis that might help guide us in where to go from here. And, of course, we appreciate the interest in the life of the paper for which we care so dearly.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates from the meeting we’re having this morning with the ODE Board of Directors. Until then, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support!


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