First Emerald produced since 1900 without student contributors

Uploaded tonight to the ODE drop (an internet resource we use to publish) was a copy of tomorrow’s “Oregon Daily Emerald.” (Quotes are intentional.) We decided to repost a pdf the first-ever non-student newspaper published at the University of Oregon under the masthead of the “Oregon Daily Emerald” here tonight for our readers, advertisers, and community to review. 

Contained is a series of articles covering our strike, including content pulled from our blog and a statement from the ODE Board. The rest of the articles are from the AP wire, meaning that tomorrow students will receive from the Emerald the coverage of news written not by other students but by journalists working elsewhere.

We approach this with a kind of sadness, being committed, like most of the campus community, to a student newspaper that is run by students. But our extensive coverage of the issue – including photo media by our some of our photographers, off-linking to the internet resources relevant to interested readers, twittered coverage of the events, and our ability to get this story out solely relying on e-mail and internet contacts – hopefully suggests to the Board one of the key issues that we, the student staff, from the very beginning wished to establish with our otherwise unreasonable actions: that it is irresponsible and unnecessary, in a dire financial bind, to outlay $80,000 of student and advertiser money to non-students in order to develop a product that has the potential to meet both reader and advertiser needs, as well as our ethics, in the “age of the Internet.” We hope that here can begin a conversation about the future of this newspaper that acknowledges the pressure to change while respecting the importance of the independent and student-run voice.

That being said, we continue to respect the Board’s position as our leadership and hope to be able to faithfully negotiate and work to a conclusion tomorrow morning that upholds our commitment to our readers, staff and advertisers. We hope this conclusion, further, will allow the Emerald to remain a fiscally viable resource upon which all these parties rely. We have no interest to “bully,” or “blackmail,” but only to figure out a productive way we can bring into reality an Oregon Daily Emerald that utilizes both the tools of the Internet and its long-established tradition of credible journalism that upholds our institutional, educational, fiduciary, and, of course, journalistic commitments.

EXTRA! EXTRA! ODE Full Of AP Wire Stories! <-click here. a temporary arrangement, we all hope.

Oh, the Oregon Commentator might have a field day with this issue.

A Personal Aside: As the Environmental Columnist, I just wanted to mention that our blog provided a news service to our readership interested in this issue while consuming fewer natural resources than would printing and distributing an Emerald on hard copy at each individual update. I figure, editorializing here of course, that if we can provide a more efficient service to our readers with a lower environmental cost, we might all be better off. But I’m just mouthing off at this point, as we should all be asleep.


5 Responses to “First Emerald produced since 1900 without student contributors”

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  4. Nicole Says:

    Holy crap. The first thing I noticed looking at that was the poor alignment of the columns.

    Hopefully things are resolved soon.

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    […] but with AP wire stories, content from their blog, and a statement from the newspaper’s board. As the editors pointed out, it was the first issue of the newspaper to ever be written without student […]

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